Cameras, Rights, Action!

Cameras, Rights, Action! was a multi-media project with young carers in south London. The participants are all children who look after an ill or disabled adult. Read more

This project took place in the summer of 2011 with young people from Action for Children’s Southwark Young Carers group, exploring how they feel the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child affects their lives and the lives of other young people in the UK. Through 12 workshops the young people were introduced to digital photography, journalism and film-making skills and supported to use their new skills to create content for the Rights Cameras Action resource and to illustrate the Right Year for Children website. The material was used in an online multimedia resource at to inform and engage young people across the UK about UNCRC. A booklet has also been produced to be used as a classroom tool and to signpost the online resource.

PhotoVoice / Action for Children.



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