Sights Unseen

Sights Unseen was a pioneering participatory project that trained visually impaired communities in sensory photography skills in order to close the gap with the seeing world. Read more

Sights Unseen was a long term participatory photography project with members of OBAC, an organisation for visually impaired African and Caribbean people in south London. The project also built skills and tools to help the participants influence decision-makers and raise public awareness about issues close to their hearts.

Sensory photography is an evolving methodology.  It builds on the keen sensory perceptions and abilities of partially and non-sighted and blind people. It is based on an understanding of photography as more than a visual product or moment – as a communicative, reflective process that involves all the senses. The shutter is pressed not only because of what we see, but because of what we feel and think.

PhotoVoice / Organisation for Black and African Caribbean communities. 2009-2010


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