A Handful of Soil for the Whole Horizon

A Handful of Soil for the Whole Horizon is an ecology of images about an imaginary forest, in which humans are irrevocably and often destructively entangled with nature. Read more

My ongoing series of work, A Handful of Soil for the Whole Horizon, uses an idea of gestural excess to propose an expanded natural history in which the body becomes irretrievably entangled with the specimen. The body is drawn into action, through touch or observation. Through small acts of force of anxiety I to produce disturbances that sabotage all notions of a separate, isolated nature.

I appropriate a language of display from diverse sources, using the influences of found photos, text and diagrams to produce a new ecology of images.

In late 2016 I made a dummy of a book which was shortlised for the MACK First Book Award and Kessel Dummy Award. Please email me on liz@lizorton.co.uk if you are interested in a copy.

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