Uprising is a single-shot film from the forest floor to a height of 20 meters beyond the canopy. Using a cherry picker to trace an upward movement in the forest, the film explores the idea of ungrounding.

Coopting forest machinery to use as a dolly brings together ecological and representationalist concerns. The views determined by the machine in navigating through the canopy are privileged over the composed image. The horizon is unfixed – it unfolds and is durational. This machinic or potentially avarian perspective takes us beyond the human and transforms the traditional experience of the forest as walked.  We occupy a zone between earth and sky. Moving into non-human vertical territories enacts a gravitional shift that acts as a metaphor for different modes of thought. Ungrounded thought ruptures the old ties between the body, rationality and the ground (“having one’s feet firmly on the ground”) and unleashes new possible forms of thinking.  In particular, imaginative connections across human and non-human ecologies might produce a form of atmospheric thinking in which the mind extends beyond usual horizons.