New Londoners

New Londoners was a long-term participatory project with young refugees, mentored by established and emerging photographers, which resulted in a published collection of photographs and writing. Read more

The participants in the project – all separated from their families and homes – came from around the world.  The resulting book, New Londoners: Reflections from Home was published by the award-winning Trolley Books.

“It is important that we are involved in making this book. It is a big thing for us. And it’s important that other people should learn about what is going on. Even a great Prime Minister – with great skills – might not know about our situation.” Mussie, New Londoners participant.

Through the photographs we glimpse a side of London little seen and understood, from the point of view of some of the city’s newest arrivals. It reflects on their experiences of home: both the place they have left and the place where they have arrived.

In the introduction the author Hari Kunzru writes, “Taking pictures is a way of establishing that a new life does have a form, for confronting the looming shadows and celebrating what’s beautiful. These pictures are memories – and when you have memories of a place, you’re beginning to put down roots.”

Many of the participants in this project have since been granted permanent leave to remain in the UK.  Link to New Londoners book.


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